CSCS training courses

What does CSCS mean?

  • CSCS, i.e. Construction Skills Certification Scheme is a leading system for certifying the skills of employees in the construction discipline in the UK.
  • The CSCS card confirms that the employees possess the required competencies in the construction discipline. It also constitutes confirmation of the knowledge of OHS and environmental protection regulations in force in the UK.
  • Most companies in the construction discipline in the UK requires their employees and subcontractors to have a valid CSCS card.
  • There is over a dozen types of CSCS cards, which embrace over 350 occupations in the construction discipline. Depending on the specialty and experience, it is possible to apply for a relevant card intended for persons executing specific work at the construction site (bricklayers, carpenters, assemblers, etc.).

CSCS Labourer card

  • The CSCS Labourer card is issued by the CITB Construction Skills institute in the form of a plastic card and is valid for 5 years.
  • The CSCS card features: photo and name of the holder, and the digital form - information on the occupation and qualifications.
  • The card can be applied for by physical persons or a company on behalf of its employees after meeting the following 2 conditions:
  • passing the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test
  • possessing one of the following certificates (optional): IOSH Working Safely (only one available in Polish in Poland); QCF/SCQF Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment; One day Site Safety Plus Health and Safety Awareness Course.
  • The CSCS document is valid for 5 years. The online database with the CSCS certificate numbers is available at

Training courses and exams


  • The CSCS card is intended for construction discipline employees in the UK
  • One-day stationary training or online training
  • The training courses and exams are available in Polish and English

Prices of training course and exam:

  • In Poland: PLN 800 including VAT (net PLN 650)
  • In the UK: GBP 125 (excl VAT)


  • General obligations
  • Accident prevention and reporting
  • Occupational Safety and Hygiene
  • Manual lifting of loads
  • Working at heights
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Procedure in case of an accident and first aid
  • Safe handling of hazardous substances
  • Electrical safety
  • Manual equipment and tools
  • Fire prevention and fighting
  • Warning signs and signals
  • Transport safety at the construction site
  • Noise and vibration
  • Excavation and closed-off locations

Duration and form

  • stationary: one-day training for groups above 8 persons or (optional)
  • online: via the Internet on a provided e-learning platform. It can be taken in a suitable time. The training lasts approx. 6 hours (computer, laptop or table with Internet access required)


The purpose of the training course is to get employees / subcontractors acquainted with the regulations concerning working on high-risk stations and improving their awareness of occupational safety.


  • The exam is taken on a computer in one of over 150 accredited examining centres in the UK. The place and time of the exam is determined individually.

Form of exam

  • The CSCS exam is available in Polish, English and other EU languages.

Conditions for taking the exam

  • Two idenification documents (passport or ID + bank card)
  • Printed exam confirmation

Form of permit confirmation

  • diploma
  • plastic card (optional)

It is possible to arrange customised dates of training for groups

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