Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to encourage you to familiarise yourself with answers to frequently asked questions. If you have not found an answer to your question, please contact us. Our consultants are here to help you.
1. How can I enrol on a training?
You can enrol online in compliance with the calendar of trainings, by phone or via email. In case of questions or doubts we are here to help you.
2. How can I enrol a group of persons/workers?
You can enrol a group of persons by sending us an email. You can also register in our system as a company and add more persons for one training in the user panel. We also encourage you to contact us by phone. Our consultants will help in enrolment.
3. How can I pay for the training/exam?
It depends on the training and exam, which we would like to enrol in. You can pay online, via wire transfer or in cash during training.
4. Will I get an invoice?
Yes, of course, we issue VAT invoices. Our company issues invoices against companies as well as natural persons. During enrolment, please give your full data: name, address and NIP (Tax Registration Number) (VAT, BTW).
5. When I will receive certificate?
We send certificates as soon as possible. They are issued by independent examination offices; thus, it can take from several days up to 2 weeks.
6. Can I receive official confirmation of passing the exam?
Yes, after official confirmation of passing the exam, we can send the confirmation via email. We always ask for a contact regarding this matter.
7. What is the address of my training/exam?
After enrolling in our training you obtain full information regarding the address and other details regarding the training.
8. Do I need to enrol in training before arrival?
Yes, it is always required to enrol in training before arrival. The earlier you enrol, the better, since it may happen that there are no places left. We always try to be flexible for our clients and enrolment, if only there are places left, can take place 1 day before the training.
9. How long last training?
It depends on training. For example, VCA training lasts 1 day, SCC training - 2 days and Steigerbouwer - 3 days (including exam). Please, check the training's description.
10. In which language are conducted trainings?
Generally, trainings are conducted in Polish. Trainings on-line are also available in English, German, Dutch, Romanian and Slovak. For organised groups, classroom trainings are also available in English, Romanian, German, Dutch etc.
11. What is required to take an exam?
In order to take an exam it is generally required to have a valid ID or passport and a copy of a selected document.

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