OSC training courses

What does OSC mean?

  • OSC is the Finnish Occupational Safety Card/Työturvallisuuskortti.
  • The card is mandatory in workplaces in Finland and Sweden.
  • Possession of the Occupational Safety Card (Työturvallisuuskortti) is required when working on projects or contracts with high risk to health and responsibility for own safety at work.
  • The SFS 6002 card can be an additional document required from employees executing electrical works in Finland

OSC certificate

  • The OSC certificate is issued in the form of a plastic card, it includes the examining insitute's logo and is valid for 5 years.
  • In Polish, the Certificate is called the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Card.
  • Companies in Finland and Sweden requires their workers and subcontractors to have the Occupational Safety Card. This also applies to Polish companies that execute contracts or projects in the Scandinavia.
  • The SFS 6002 certificate (issued in the form of a plastic card) is intended for electricians or employees executing electrical works and is an additional document issued on demand

Training courses and exams


  • The OSC training course embraced notions of the safety, health and environment management system in workplaces according to standards applicable in the Scandinavian states: Finland, Sweden
  • It is possible to order an additional training course which permits the issue of the SFS 6002 card (for an additional fee)
  • The training courses and exams are available in Polish and English

Prices of the training course and exam:

  • In Poland: PLN 1550 including VAT (net PLN 1260)
  • In the EU: EUR 290


  • Safety in collective workplaces
  • Elimination of hazardous events and accidents
  • General instructions
  • Maing industrial hazards and their prevention
  • Preparation for sudden accidents


1 day / 8 hours (with breaks for coffee and meals)


The purpose of the training is to get the employees/subcontractors acquainted with the regulations concerning working on high-risk stations, thus improving their awareness in terms of occupational safety.


  • Consists of the theoretical part and last max. 60 minutes (multiple-choice test).

Conditions for taking the exam

  • Identification document (ID, passport - 18 years of age)

It is possible to arrange customised dates of training for groups

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