Company certification

Certification and incorporation of the SCC/VCA system

We provide help for companies in terms of effective incorporation of the SCC/VCA system, i.e. safety management system for suppliers of technical services and subcontractors. The SCC/VCA system is often required from Polish companies executing commissions in the Benelux, Germany, Austria and other countries, in which the general contractor requires it.

The main purpose of incorporating the SCC/VCA certificate is reducing the number of accidents in the company as well as assessment, and correction if necessary, of the OHS system. The SCC/VCA system is often required in the construction, power, petrochemical, machinery, electrical, assembly and other disciplines. The SCC certificate asserts that the company/organisation has a responsible and professional approach to occupational safety and hygiene.

The certification for the compliance with the SCC/VCA standard is executed in five-step programme. This step-by step plan provides a clear picture of what has to be done before the company can be considered for certification. First step is determining whether the company is eligible. Second step is determination of the level of certification (SCC*, SCC** SCP or SCC Petrochemical). The next step is formulating points for action for the SHE management system. Fourth step is completing the points for action for the SHE management system. Finally the last step is applying to a recognized certification body for SCC certification. The scope of the audit and number of questions depends on the adopted certification model. If the company employs less than 35 persons, it is possible to obtain a limited certificate - SCC*. In the case of companies hiring over 35 employees or commissioning a part of the works to subcontractors, the unlimited certificate is issued - SCC**. In the case of the certification for the compliance with the SCP standard, other requirements are applicable for temporary employment agencies.

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