Heftruck / Reachtruck training courses

What does Heftruck / Reachtruck mean?

  • Heftruck / Reachtruck are the Dutch permits for two types of forklifts.
  • The Dutch companies require certificates issued by a Dutch examining institute.
  • The training course and exam take place on a single day and are only available in the Netherlands.

Heftruck / Reachtruck certificate

  • The certificate is issued in the form of a diploma and plastic card by a Dutch examining institute.
  • The permits are valid for approx. 5 years.
  • The certificate embraces two types of forklifts: Heftruck - front forklift, Reachtruck - side (warehouse) forklift.

Training courses and exam

Heftruck / Reachtruck

  • The Heftruck / Reachtruck training course embraces material developed based on commissions and guidelines included in Dutch regulations, including, among others, the Act on work conditions and the European directive (code 95).
  • The Heftruck / Reachtruck certificate is intended for forklift operators.
  • One-day training concluded with a theoretical and practical exam.
  • The training courses and exams are available in Polish, English or Dutch.

Prices of the training course with exam:

  • In the Netherlands: EUR 270


  • Legal regulations
  • Types of forklifts
  • Principles of load transport
  • Forklift operation
  • Transport on public roads
  • Fuelling and charging the battery
  • Parking
  • Natural environment


It is a one-day training consisting of the theoretical and practical parts. Stationary training conducted in Polish or Dutch. Duration: 1 day, 8 hours (with breaks for coffee and meals).


The purpose of the training course is to get the employees/subcontractors acquainted with the regulations concerning working as a forklift operator according to the Dutch regulations and preparation for passing the theoretical and practical exam in order to issue the "Working with a forklift truck" diploma. The training participants will acquire relevant knowledge concerning the hazards and methods of counteracting them, thus improving the awareness in terms of occupational safety.


  • The Heftruck / Reachtruck exam consists of the theoretical and practical parts and takes place immediately after the training. The theoretical part lasts max. 60 minutes. The practical part features driving a forklift truck. The exam can only take place in the Netherlands.

Conditions for taking the exam

  • Identification document (ID, passport - 18 years of age)
  • Work footwear (with a toe cap)

It is possible to arrange customised dates of training for groups

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